Making Some Extra Cash? You Might Need Small Business Insurance


There are plenty of ways to make extra money these days. Some people use the internet, such as selling items on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. Others use their cars, delivering pizzas or transporting people through services such as Lyft or Uber. Then there are those who just start up a business in their home, powered […]

Everyone Should Consider Flood Insurance

Flooded street

Regardless of whether you live far from water, or right on a lake or river, you are at risk for a flood loss. Imagine, a spring storm hits while the ground is still frozen from the winter. Since the rain can’t seep into the soil, it collects into puddles, then puddles turn into small ponds, […]

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft insurance

Identity theft is becoming a common crime these days. A look at the daily news will tell you how easy it has become for criminals to steal our identity and the sheer frequency of such incidents is bound to cause sleepless nights to many of us. According to studies conducted by research agency Javelin, an […]