Thanksgiving and Insurance – What’s the Connection?

Happy Thanksgiving

The leaves have fallen off the trees and the temperature is dropping. Thanksgiving is here and we’ll be parked in front of a turkey dinner before you know it.  Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the wonderful things in your life, and give thanks for everything we have that makes life worth living. We’ve all […]

Removing & Preventing Ice Dams This Winter

Preventing Ice Dams

Ice dams have the potential to cause severe damage to your roof, your home’s structure, and interior as well. If you take the right steps, however, you can protect your home from the damage caused by ice dams. If you live in a region of the United States that gets cold and snowy during the […]

Why You Should Have Umbrella Coverage


When you have auto insurance and homeowners insurance, you have the basic coverage recommended to cover yourself in the case of an accident or a catastrophe. If you have “big toys” like a boat, snowmobile, ATV or recreational vehicle, you’ll want a policy for each of them as well. But all of these policies have […]